Firijn spel Ongeschreven Regels

The game of unwritten rules

€34,95 including VAT

A light-hearted approach to changing persistent team patterns


This game will help you and your team(s) gain insight into the collaboration within the team, discuss current patterns of interaction and introduce change where necessary.

Interaction patterns have tremendous influence on team development and results. When, for example, the pattern is repeatedly having to revisit already agreed upon decisions, this will significantly influence the team’s output. Not to mention the wasted energy and frustration. It’s patterns like this that are reflected in the unwritten rules.

Some of these unwritten rules contribute to the success of the team, while others can have a more negative impact.

This game helps to:
– Discuss sensitive team subjects in a light-hearted way
– Shift the problem faced by a few, to a problem faced by the whole team
– Underline the urgency to change some of the team patterns
– Recognise and discuss unwritten rules in daily practice

This card deck is based on the book Unwritten Rules (‘Ongeschreven Regels’ in Dutch).